Audry Steele, MA, LPC
Individual, Relationship and Group Psychotherapy
(512) 619-5714
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People seek therapy for many reasons. A difficult struggle may open the door to beginning or a desire to strengthen and support a meaningful area of life. I specialize in helping people understand and resolve concerns related to:

• Relationships

• Parenting

• Stress and/or Anxiety


Health and Body

I offer a multi-stranded approach that combines developmental psychology, attachment theory and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Some people benefit most from individual sessions while others incorporate therapy with a significant other, family member or friend in couples sessions. Group therapy is another excellent way to learn more about yourself in relationship to others and to pursue longer term work. I currently lead ongoing therapy groups for women and men and an 8-week therapy group for parents.

Upon request, I offer facilitated discussion groups on the following topics for parents; Building Strong Attachment, How Conflict Creates Growth, Single Parenting, Parenting After Divorce, Step Parenting, Blended Families, and Working Mothers of Young Children.

My Background

I have practiced psychotherapy for over 14 years in private practice and community settings, including the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center, Hospice Austin, Capital Area Mental Health Center and Texas State University. My training includes studies at the Center for Group Studies in New York City.

Prior to training as a psychotherapist, I worked in international human services in Taiwan, India and the International Office at the University of Texas. I am a certified mediator and my experience in public policy includes working in the U.S Congress and the Texas House of Representatives as well as conducting multiple facilitations, mediations, and public policy negotiations.

Contact Information

My office is located at 3705 Medical Parkway, Suite 360, Austin, Texas, 78705. You can reach me at (512) 619-5714 with any questions or to discuss setting up an appointment.

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